Margaret’s Mentor

“Henri’s enchanting voice drifted up, punctuated every so often by laughter, and her heart leapt with anticipation… She released her hold on the banister. Dr. Johnson had taken her this far, but it was time for her to start defining life on her own terms.”

Portland, Maine, attorney Hamish and his young protégée, Margaret, share an admiration for the famous English writer Dr. Samuel Johnson. Hamish and Margaret find themselves together in northern Scotland, and only they can prevent an imminent death. Can Samuel Johnson’s moral teachings from the eighteenth century help avoid a twenty-first-century crisis and get the two home safely for Christmas?


When sharks attack on the beaches of Hawaii and the coast of Oregon, it’s a race against time to reverse a mutation. Is it climate change? Toxins in the ocean? Or something more sinister? Sharon is a Maine marine biologist who learns of the attacks when she travels to Hawaii for the second time in many years. Johann is an eccentric shark expert in Waikiki who blames Sharon for the old shark injury that ruined his chances for a normal life. Together they wrestle with their past while they risk their lives to find out how sharks are able to attack on land, and try to prevent more attacks before it’s too late.

Seeking the Medicine Buddha

Portland, Maine scientist Harvey Maxwell seeks new medical treatments in remote Himalayan valleys, but his work is threatened by a former colleague whose company prevents access to the medicinal plants. Helped by his Himalayan research team and his patent attorney Paula, Harvey follows his Buddhist beliefs to find a way out of his dilemma and make promising new treatments available to all who need them 


Jane Ross Potter was interviewed by the Mount Desert Islander.

A native of Scotland, Jane Ross Potter has a background in science and law. Margaret’s Mentor is based in part on her travels in England and Scotland, including to locations related to Dr. Samuel Johnson. Jane’s novel Because It’s There (Bennett & Hastings Publishing, Seattle, Washington) was a 2007 Indie Excellence Award Finalist. Jane divides her time between Maine and Scotland.